School of Dance

Alina Mendez aka Alina Maleski

“Your dancers were a big hit!!!”

- C. Burnes

Entertainment, Knotts Berry Farm

“She is a great storyteller and dancer who maintains the interest of the audience throughout the whole program.”

- N. Montero

Community Library Manager

“She presents a fast-moving, fun, multicultural show… She is enthusiastic and has a wonderful rapport with children of all ages…and manages to entertain them throughout a very educational program. Ms. Mendez is always reliable and can be counted on for a wonderful performance.”

- V. Delson

Montebello Regional Children’s Library

“Each performance has been terrific… Her unique show is educational as well as entertaining… Alina is very talented. She is an excellent dancer and a gifted storyteller… She has good control of her audience. She clearly understands and has worked extensively with children. She quickly assesses the age, make-up and character of her audience and adapts her program accordingly. Alina is wonderful with the children. They respond warmly to her open, gentle and kind manner”

- M. Steep

Senior Librarian - Youth Services, Monrovia Library